Stefan Wagner’s Radio play

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Mister Klemm gave us the task of recording a radio play about a dialogue between the characters after they have descended the stairs and are going with the taxi (pages 46 to 47). Martin sits in front, the three others in the back, so the dialogue as I spoke it could not really happen. But I think that it’s good to realize the feelings of the characters after this haunting event, standing on the top of a roof to jump down, and to describe their situation.

Dialogue in the car


Radioplay A long way down!

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This is a radioplay we recorded in class. Continue reading ‘Radioplay A long way down!’

Radioplay – AC/DC

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After the decision to leave ‘Topper’s House’ and to help Jess to find Chas, the guys meet a taxi driver. During the drive they talk about their problems and realize that actually the taxi driver is the person who has the most miserable problems.

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For our radioplay we invented a little scene. It’s situated  in the taxi. The four suicidal characters were sitting in a taxi and talking to the driver. Soon JJ began vomiting and so they had to get out of the car. Suddenly they saw Chas but totally unexpected the gas station exploded.

Enjoy it!
Anne, Theresa, Max, Vivi and Tommy


Cast sheet JJ

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Martin’s Suicide Intent Scale

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Martin would be a medium intent.
I think that Martin really wanted to kill himself but wasn’t brave enough to carry it out. Maybe his problems were not serious enough or he noticed that life isn’t as bad as he thought. So he keeps on living.

Cast-Sheet JJ

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  • Rather tall & young guy
  • Short black hair


  • Funky / teeny-clothes,
  • leather jacket
  • blue jeans
  • black shoes


  • a bit hyper
  • languid


  • sort of arrogant
  • american english
  • more informal language
  • some taboo words
  • quotes famous poets/singers