1.) What in your eyes makes a life worthwile?

Worth living, I think is anything. One reason for to live is to hasve fun in the life, have a healthy family and you’re your partner.

A reason to do a suized is a terrible illness ( I know that I must die), there is no other point to make a suized. Perhaps heartsickness isn´t a resaon. But everyone have the own adjudication about there life.

2.) “ I don´t owe Mum and Dad anything.“

It stands to reason that JJ has this fellings. Because of the relationship of her parents, she has a terrible childhood. JJ´s Mum still a mess and hates her Dad. All this thinks are stamped. But if she didn´t have her parents, she doesn´t live her current life. Thery give him a home to sleep and sonething to eat. Other than other parents Jess´s parents love she and there will the best for his doughter. JJ owe her Mum and Dad anything, I think.



JJ´s life is focused only on music, he doesn´t think of anything else. But he is the one of the four friends that proposes to make a vacation. She believes that after these shessfull post wules a vacation on Teneriffa will be exactly the right thing. The vacation has also a postive thing for JJ, he meets a girl, who knows that band in which he used to play. The two have a long talk and spend the night together. This shows that the vacation was full of new expiriences for JJ. Because it was a cheap vacation, the comfort and everything seem also very cheap to JJ.


~ by vivibittner on June 15, 2009.

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