What does the holidays mean to Maureen?

Maureen hasn’t been on holiday since Matty was born. So she hasn’t have any spare time for nineteen years. Her life is full of work and she always has to care about other people but has no time to think about herself. This trip was more than important and necessary for her. She made the experience that there are other people just like her living in hard situations and this was a fact she never knew before. She just used to feel alone and misunderstood. I think that after the trip she didn’t feel as alone as before any more. And it’s a great thing that the others want to go on holiday because Maureen needs spare time. So she finds herself in the middle of interest for the first time in her life.

What in your eyes makes a life worthwile?

First I would like to finish school with good results, so that I have the chance to find a good job. To have a really good job is important for me because it will make big part of my later life. I think having a family is nice but now I just don’t see myself standing in a kitchen and care about my children all day long. I would prefer to travel a lot and work in different cities and I want to make many changes in my life. I think it’s a horrible idea to stay in the same city for the rest of my life.

I don’t owe Mum and Dad anything

I think that she isn’t right. She should recognise that her parents have been caring for her very well. They have been providing her with food, much money and a home where she’s always welcome. They give her much more freedom than most of the other teenagers have although her parents are very interested in her safety. I think that they are very interested in her feelings too. But in my opinion the problem is that they haven’t too much time and she is in puberty and that’s why she underestimates their efforts.


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