Interview Martin and Linda

Linda: Hi Martin, it’s nice to meet you. And it’s nice of you to answer my questions

Martin: Yeah, no problem. Ask me whatever you want to.

Linda: How was it to stand on the roof of Topper’s house?

Martin: Well, it was quiet scary to know that you’ll die next moment. It is hard to describe, you think about every thing happened in your life and about the idea to jump off.

Linda: Yeah of course it was. And what helped you to stop the wish of death?

Martin: I met Maureen there on the roof. We talked and I noticed very fast, that she also wanted to jump. And then Jess and JJ appeared and we talked about our reasons for committing suicide.

Linda: And then?

Martin: We decided to help each other with their problems.

Linda: But don’t you think that nobody can help you with your problem? I mean nobody can undo it!

Martin: Yes of course but I really wanted to help them with their problems and I thought it could help me, too.

Linda: And was there anything else?

Martin: I don’t think so.

Linda: I heared of this angel-thing.

Martin: Ahhh, em, yeah… this angel-thing… yeah of course… I remember.

Linda: So tell me what happend, what was that angel like?

Martin: Ahh… Well, he appeared in the sky over the house and spoke to us. I think he looked a bit like this guy who played Aragon in ‘Lord of the rings’!

Linda: You mean Viggo Mortensen? Martin: Well, yes, I mean him. Linda: Why him?

Martin: I think he has got a typical look of an angel.

Linda: And what was he clothed like?

Martin: He weared a white suite, nothing else.

Linda: Ok, so the angel spoke to you, what did he tell you?

Martin: He told us to get off the roof and think about that suicide-thing. And… he told us to help each other with their problems.

Linda: Ok very nice. And then he disappeared?

Martin: Yes, yes!

Linda: Ok and you got off the roof and helped each other?

Martin: Yeah.

Linda: Ok thank you so fare, I think it’ll be a great story!

Martin: You’re welcome, have a nice time.

Linda: Good bye.


~ by edbj on June 8, 2009.

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