Interview Linda – JJ

L: So you are … JJ aren´t you?

JJ: Yes that ´s me! What do you want to know?

L: For the beginning and for my readers understanding: On New Year’s Eve you were on top of Toppers House together with four other people to commit suicide?

JJ: Yap.

L: Do you want to tell us why?

JJ: Nope.

L: So as I can see you didn´t jump. What happened?

JJ: As my companion Jess might already have told you we had have … I´m not sure how to call it best … maybe some kind of divine intervention.

L: Yes she already told me about your “Angel Sighting”. But how was the “Angel” like? How did he look like? Did he speak to you and if yes what did he tell you? What was it like to stand next to him? Just tell us everything about the situation!

JJ: First of all he looked somehow like this guy, this actor, out of this one movie. You know. What was it? -Ah “Dogma”! He looked like this one guy who actually played an angel.

L: Ben Affleck?

JJ: No the other guy. I never remember his name. Damn!

L: You mean Matt Damon?

JJ: YES! That ´s his name: Matt Damon. The fucking “Angel” looked like Matt Damon.

L: And what was it like to meet an angel? Wasn’t it strange?

JJ: I mean – I was standing on the top of a house and wanted to kill myself. That’s strange enough, isn’t it? But the angel thing was something very … I don’t know. It was very special.

L: What do you mean with “speacial”?

JJ: Maybe “speacial” is the wrong word. But it was great in a way. That an angel come along and tell you that suicide is not the right thing to do. It’s like God doesn’t want that you die, you feel very safe and lucky. You can see a sense of life or something. I’ve got new courage from this experience and now I don’t think about suicide anymore.

L: So you can say that an angel saved your life.

JJ: Yes, that’s it. And I hope that some readers will have this experience punctual and it would be even better if they never deceide to jump of the top of a house or kill theirselves in an other way.

L: I hope so, too. And now we stop our interview with these wise words. Thank you very much.

JJ: Welcome.

Max & Tommy


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