Interview Linda-JJ

Linda: So you are JJ? And you were up Topper’s with Jess?

JJ: I believe so!

Linda: Did you want to jump as well?

JJ: Yes

L: Why?

JJ: I had some problems with life! But that’s not your problem.

L: Do the others know why?

JJ: They know why. But they won’t tell you… so don’t even try.

L: What’s the reason you didn’t jump?

JJ: Is that really important?

L: Yes! That’s why I’m here.

JJ: Well then, I guess I’ll have to tell you…

L: Go on…

JJ: What did Jess tell you? ‘cause we all saw the same!

L: You tell me… I asked you!

JJ: So we where up Topper’s and the f-ing angel appeared.

L: What did he look like?

JJ: Not like a church angel you know.. not like Gabriel or something. No wings…

L: And a halo?

JJ: No.

L:Jess told me he looked like Leonardo di Caprio.

JJ: Leonardo di Caprio? Mh.. not really… maybe a little bit…

L: Well then tell me what he looked like!

JJ: He looked more like…. like Matt Damon.

L: All casual clothes?

JJ: Yes… well not exactly… he wore a suit… it didn’t look that expensive. But I guess is was…

L: How did he appear?

JJ: We were standing on the ledge… and than suddenly this f-ing voice! We almost stumbled over our feet and fell down. But I guess the angel wouldn’t have let us fall.

L: How did you know immediately that it was an angel?

JJ: I guess so, because he was f-ing hovering above the ground.

L: That’s all? Nothing like a slight light around his body? Or were you able to see through him?

JJ: Well he wasn’t exactly gleaming… but he wasn’t normal as well. He was all fuzzy. And you could see right through him. You couldn’t see his heart or anything like that.

L: What did you first think?

JJ: Nothing special.

L: Did he talk to you at all?

JJ: Yeah, but I didn’t get it because he was mumbling really bad and I was the one farthest away from him…

L: So you don’t know what he said?

JJ: Well the few words I understood.. I’ve allready forgotten them!

L: Am I right with thinking the angel didn’t interest you verry much? Because to Jess he seemed to be really important. She told me that it was a really touching moment!

JJ: Well, she’s a little girl…

made by: Sophia and Vicky


~ by molekularteilchen on June 3, 2009.

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