Dialog between Linda and JJ

Dialog between JJ and Linda

Linda: Hello Mr. …?

JJ: Call me JJ.

Linda: Alright… Lets talk about the reasons why you were at Toppers house.

JJ: Eeer… I have this disease… CCR. Really bad… There hasn’t been any sense in my life. So I decided to end this whole mess.

Linda: Oh… I am sorry for that. Never heard of this illness.

JJ: Yes… eer it’s not very popular.

Linda: So lets talk about your “holy” experience on the roof.

JJ: … Sorry? I don’t really know what you mean…

Linda: Well your mate Jess told me about an angel…

JJ: FuckEerr I mean… Of course! The Angel… Well, what do you want to know?

Linda: How did he look like?

JJ: Well you know… like an angel… and stuff.

Linda: Could you discribe him a bit more detailed…

JJ: Well this guy…

Linda: So it was a male?

JJ: Yes, I guess so.

Linda: Was he hovering?

JJ: Err… like probaly one feet above the ground.

Linda: Oh really? Well, thats interesting. Your friend Jess told me that he was flying five feet high.

JJ: Well, I don’t really know, doesn’t matter anyway, does it?

Linda: No, it’s OK. Just wondering. And he looked like Jesus??

JJ: Yep, indeed. Perfect portrait of jesus with the halo and the white coat.

Linda: And you instantly felt the holy power that Jess told me about, that prevented you from jumping off the house?

JJ: Oh yeah! It was pretty amazing to be honest. Like you would be totally just forced to get off the roof, without jumping of course.

Linda: Yes, I see… on last quesition: What exactly did you feel when the angel arrived on the roof?

JJ: Err… Like JESUS! You know: Angel – Jesus… Haha

Linda: Well… OK thank you for the interview.


~ by flotroll on June 3, 2009.

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