Stefan Wagner’s Radio play

Mister Klemm gave us the task of recording a radio play about a dialogue between the characters after they have descended the stairs and are going with the taxi (pages 46 to 47). Martin sits in front, the three others in the back, so the dialogue as I spoke it could not really happen. But I think that it’s good to realize the feelings of the characters after this haunting event, standing on the top of a roof to jump down, and to describe their situation.

Dialogue in the car


~ by gespenst92 on May 20, 2009.

8 Responses to “Stefan Wagner’s Radio play”

  1. The task is well done, you did a good job.
    But it’s a little bit too deep, they won’t be that serious.
    It’s a bit unusual because there is only one person talking.

  2. Nice dialogue with good content and the style of language is authentic.

  3. Well done. I think the chosen language-style fits the style of the book.

  4. That’s a nice radio play. The voice sounds really authentic.

  5. Some parts were hard to comprehend, but all in all the language was sort of fitting to the context of the entire book. Sounded a bit frightening sometimes….

  6. Nice one.
    At some parts of the story quite well used vocabulary and authentic language.
    Other parts of the story seem to be in a “Vampire-Story” ore some other Horror stuff… Maybe a little bit to authentic 😉

  7. well, you used the language very well! but I think it’s a bit confusing because there’s only your voice and it’s also a little bit too deep for a conversation between the characters in the book.

  8. It’s nice, maybe the begining is a little bit scary it sounds a bit like Gollum. But the radioplay is nice, the language is easy to understand, the only thing is that you did this task on your own so sometimes I didn’t know who’s speaking! But it’s nice done.

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