For our radioplay we invented a little scene. It’s situated  in the taxi. The four suicidal characters were sitting in a taxi and talking to the driver. Soon JJ began vomiting and so they had to get out of the car. Suddenly they saw Chas but totally unexpected the gas station exploded.

Enjoy it!
Anne, Theresa, Max, Vivi and Tommy



~ by cherryleee on May 20, 2009.

5 Responses to “Radioplay”

  1. A very entertaining radio play. The style of the language is quite nice.

  2. The ending was surprising and it was fun to listen to. I liked the background music too, well done.

  3. I had fun listening to your radio play. Especially the noises you invented made that thing interesting and authentic.
    I had a little problem with the end… blasted my ears off 😉

  4. Very nice and quiet funny especially the beginning with ‘I don’t know…’ is very great done. The end is a little bit confusing but I think it’s not that great problem.

    Well done!

  5. I like your idea a lot! Just a few slips in language but the story is great. Another problem is the sound quality of the play. But I suppose that’s just because we used this for the first time! Well done guys!

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