Radioplay – AC/DC

After the decision to leave ‘Topper’s House’ and to help Jess to find Chas, the guys meet a taxi driver. During the drive they talk about their problems and realize that actually the taxi driver is the person who has the most miserable problems.

Although the taxi driver tells them that there’s an ACDC concert that might prevent them from killing themselves. We wanted to leave the end open, because we ourselves didn’t know the end yet and assume that it would just be Hornby’s style.

Involved students: Florian, Christoph, Toni, Konstantin

Radioplay AC/DC


~ by edbj on May 20, 2009.

4 Responses to “Radioplay – AC/DC”

  1. I like it very much, it’s great.
    It’s varied and entertaining. I had fun while listening.
    You took care in doing it.
    Really nice.

  2. I think your radio play is really great. One the one hand it´s well-thought-out and on the other hand it´s totally funny.

    I mean how cool is “we can commit suicide later lets first go to see AC/DC…”;

    so always remember: “maybe AC/DC saved our soles from hellfire”!

  3. Nice idea with the AC/DC concert! And that there was a narrator is good, too.

  4. that’s very well done! =) awesome guys. it’s very well thought out and a really nice idea with the whole AC/DC concert! =D

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