Radioplay A long way down!

This is a radioplay we recorded in class. And we worked throught the pages 45 and following until the characters get out of the taxi. We were a group of three girls. So we could only manage to speak the roles of Jess (Luisa L.), Martin (Vicky N.) and the taxi driver (Sophia B.). 

Well, we changed the plot a little bit. Other than in the book, our characters talk about their suicide attempt and it gets a little out of control. Jess and the taxi driver argue about life. As in the book Jess is impulsive, doesn’t think about what she is saying and so she is hurting the taxi driver. Now Martin is the one to settle the dispute between the other two.

So enjoy our radioplay!


~ by molekularteilchen on May 20, 2009.

7 Responses to “Radioplay A long way down!”

  1. Great dialogue and I really like the fish thing!

  2. The idea with the fish is really funny.

  3. Nicely done! (:

  4. This radio play is really unique. It’s a little bit too long but the plot and the style is nice.

  5. This radio play is very unique. It’s a little bit too long but the style of the language is quite nice.

  6. I guess I liked this one best, because each character seems to have his own style of speaking. The fish-thing is crazy but… we’re talking about Jess so what have you?.

  7. Really very cool I liked it very much, it was easy do understand the language and really nice dialouges.

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