JJ´s Character Development


-“the pizza guy”

-musican from Chicago

-came to London because of his girlfriend

-interested in literature

-very unhappy with his “pizza”situation

Life Before”, which lead to suicide attempt:

John Julius Norwich, better known as JJ, is Rock musician from Chicago, who moved to London because of his former girlfriend Lizzy. With his band the “Big Yellow” he made many live performances and brought out 2 CDs but they weren´t too successful. He gave up his band for Lizzy but she dumbed him.

So now he is living in a foreign city where he doesn´t know anybody  and  delivers pizza because because he hasn´t got a collage degree.  This situation leaded him to to idea of committing suicide.

Behavior to others:

Suicide Intent Scale:

-scored 30 points –> high intent:

-made plans how to commit suide (jump with a book,  would listen to special music,…)

-compared himself famous persons who commmited suicide


~ by mxpr on May 13, 2009.

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