Characterization and Suicide intent scale of JJ

JJ’s real name is John Julius, which he personally doesn’t like too much and doesn’t want others to call him by his real name. He was born in Chicago, United States of America. He came to London when his girlfriend broke up with him. Back in the states he had a band but they divided up and JJ sort of lost his way to realize his dream of becoming a famous musician and his chance and possibility to gain more self-esteem, which would be some of the main reasons for his wish to commit suicide.

His current job is delivering pizzas throughout London. He personally doesn’t like his job and says “it’s a job for losers”. JJ is obviously really unhappy about his life and the entire situation he finds himself in, mainly because he thinks that everything he does isn’t appreciated too much, even though he works really hard, sometimes.

When talking to the others, JJ often uses quotations from books and songs that he likes and that he thinks fit the situation pretty well, mainly because he loves music and connects everything to it when talking. Sometimes he also thinks that he’s more intelligent than anyone else in their group, and that the others just don’t work hard enough to be successful with whatever they do, even though he hasn’t even managed to receive a college degree.

Suicide Intent Scale

JJ doesn’t seem to sure about his way to end his life. He’s not really taking the decision seriously, as to why I would consider his intent to be in the medium scale at about 27 points. His reasons seem too childish and not well thought through. No active preparation, no suicide not a positive attitude toward living and no precautions against possible intervention are just some of the factors that lead to the result of a medium suicide intent, meaning he is not particularly at risk of committing suicide.


~ by Chris on May 13, 2009.

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