Character: JJ

JJ charater : ( John Julius Norwich)


– tall :good looking, long hair

– skinny

History&others :

– American: came to England because of a woman (they broke up)

– dosen´t have a collage degree

– his band left him

– made up an disease CCR: after a band

Clothing :

– likes music a lot:bandleader (kind of cool, leather jacket)

– like a macho

– is pizza deliverer

body language:

– think his a intelligan man :but a loser


– American accent

best actor for JJ :

Johnny Depp

Suicide intent scale:

JJ has a hight intent to commit suicide.

He has an high intent because his band left him .He likes music very much–> the band was the best thing for him.

Next his girl-friend has dumped him and so he think his life will be end either way.


~ by vivibittner on May 13, 2009.

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