Maureen is a 51-year-old mother of a disabled son. She has to care for him the whole day. So she works hard at home and has no free time or any time for a job. Every weekend she goes to church. That’s all. It seems like her dreams will never come true and that’s why she thinks that her life is senseless and there is no reason to live on except her son. Still she’s not sure if she should kill herself because she’s a caring mother that loves her son and she believes in God. Because of her unemployment she lives a poor and colorless life. She thinks that her life is finished already, too hard and completely without hope. I think it isn’t only her hard work that makes her disappointed. There is also the fact, that she gets no good feedback at all. She’s not very confident and she often doesn’t know what to say. Because she always talks to a son who couldn’t speak back. And thats the main problem. She thinks he wouldn’t care if she wasn’t there anymore. He wouldn’t notice anyway. She said all she wants in the world, the only thing that would make her want to live, would be for Matty to die. You early get to know that she’s desperate. Seems like a good reason to kill herself. Before she got Matty she was employed but now she has to care for him the whole day. I think she had had any hobbies before but now it’s not possible. I think her opinion changes a little bit when she goes on holiday with the others. There she went to church and saw a women with a son in a wheelchair just like her. Until that moment she thought that she was the only women in that situation but now she got the feeling that there are more people. And those people are able to deal with this situation, too.


~ by luisaliebtrau on April 29, 2009.

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