Martins role in ‘A long way down’

Can I explain why I wanted to jump off the top of a tower-block? Of course I can explain why I wanted to jump off the top of a tower-block. I’m not a bloody idiot. I can explain it because it wasn’t inexplicable: it was a logical decision, the product of proper thought.’

When Martin stands on the top of this building he is in a situation, you wouldn’t wish your greatest enemie were in. He lost his completly life. He lost his job as an interviewer on breakfast TV, he lost his wife, he went to prison and all this because he slept with a 15 years old girl that told him that she’s 18. And now everybody knows about it, because it was send in all media. He’s down and gets mobbed by the public. Isn’t that a good reason for planing the perfect suicide and standing now on the top of this building? Well, he thought a long time about this, he made lists with pros and cons, but the deed he’d done and the feeling when he’s going out brought him up on the roof. Only the meeting with Maureen, Jess and JJ stops him. He talks to Maureen in a very positive way, because she doesn’t know his history. But Jess does and she remembers him very often about it. So he speaks very nice to Maureen, but in a annoying way with Jess and JJ, because they annoy him too. He speaks a very nice language with many different phrases and without many words like ‘shit’ or ‘fuck’. Martin notices the problems of Maureen and Jess and wants to help them. That’s his reason to get away from the suicide.  I think his relationship to Maureen is very good, even if they know each other only for one and a half hour. But this releationship helps him, because he has someone to help now and doesn’t want to jump off the roof anymore. Talking to someone without getting asked about the ’15 years old girl’ is a very great feeling for him.


~ by edbj on April 29, 2009.

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