JJ was born in the United States. There he lived in Chicago. In the US he had a music band, which divided. After that he came to London with his girlfriend, who broke up with him after a while. Now he’s delivering pizzas in London. For him it’s a job for losers.

Generally you can say that there are 3 leading reasons for his wish to commit suicide. First, his music band divided and he’s very unhappy, because he loves music and there is no possibility for his self – expression anymore. Second, his girlfriend broke up with him and perhaps it’s a hard situation to know that you are not loved anymore. Third, perhaps the last cause for his suicide attempt is the fact that he is very lonely in the big city of London. At the moment he has no real friends.

At the beginning when JJ arrives on the roof, he doesn’t want to speak much with the other characters, because in his eyes Martin, Maureen and Jess aren’t the “perfect peoples” for comitting suicide. But after a while it works. JJ explaines to the others, why he only wants to be called JJ. Then he tries to show what his causes for the suicide attempt are.

JJ doesn’t want to see how Jess jumps of the roof. He says that he will help to find Chas, but he has no idea, where to start the search.

After they went off of the roof, the 4 people wanted to go to another party to find Chas. Very close to the party location JJ saw a young man who was hiding under a grill. After a little while both men came into talk and JJ found out that this young man was Chas. Chas was asked by JJ about his reasons of hiding and JJ wanted the young man necessarily to talk with Jess about their current level of relationship. In this situation you can see that JJ acts really responsible and reasonable. This might be already a little change of his personality.

suicide intent scale:

JJ has a medium intent to commit suicide. You can recognize this at score of 28.  It’s not really JJ’s wish to end his life, because the reasons are not very obvious. He doesn’t act like a threatened suicide person, so he doesn’t prepares anything for the act. JJ only wants to be alone and I think he knows what it means to be not in the world anymore.

Because of his medium attend he hadn’t the intention to write a note for somebody, because nobody of his friends or family is with him in London.

Some facts for example the wish to be alone on the roof show his medium intention.

All in all you can say that his wish to die is not really definite. Most facts make clear that he knows about possible consequences.


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