-Jess is an underage girl wich is really sad because her boyfrind, better ex-boyfriend dont lovs her anymore

-on new years eve she wanted to meet him at a party but he wasnt there only some stoned people

-till this moment jess never thought of committing suicide

-she was talking to a guy, his name was bong and he told her that the house where they are celebrating in is the famous toppers house, most people commit suicide on this roof

-Suddely jess felt heavy of lonlyness and sadness-she decides to make her life shorter and jump off  the roof

 What lead to the wish to die?

jess´ boyfriend dont loves her anymore and he wants to see her never again .He finished the relationshipbut jess dont know why. on new years eve she was looking after him


~ by cherryleee on April 29, 2009.

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